crisisWhen managing a crisis or issue, our experience, hustle and persistence separate us from other PR firms. Out of a lack of experience, they peddle trite dictums such as, “You have to define your story by getting in front of it before it defines you…” and engage in tactics that actually increase awareness about a problem. What distinguishes us is our ability to pursue every angle and resource possible (e.g., building/managing community coalitions, leveraging environmental and legal experts, coordinating political outreach initiatives, and more) and provide the on-going strategies to emerge with credibility with the public, politicians and regulators. Consistently, we have prevailed over and over again in minimizing negative coverage through a variety of tactics we rarely see employed elsewhere… Clearly, it is the very experienced senior team of issue management experts at Cookerly that can make a big difference for you at a time of trouble.

Each year, we manage dozens of compelling and delicate national issues across many industries including energy, healthcare, real estate, transportation, waste management, utilities and more. And make no mistake; your crisis or issue is our 24/7 priority. Our counsel and results are unmatched and we’re ready at a moment’s notice to tackle your most pressing challenges – anytime, anyplace.

We have successfully managed issues and crises of regional, national and international scope, including:

  • Race and gender discrimination
  • Environmental battles
  • Waste industry siting issues
  • Medical malpractice
  • Healthcare industry Certificate of Need (CON) filings
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Product liability cases
  • Potentially damaging management changes
  • Labor union disputes
  • Corporate financial upheaval

To make these campaigns work, we employ a wide range of activities:

  • Strategic planning
  • Collateral material development
  • Targeted media relations
  • Grassroots campaigns
  • Coalition building
  • Media management
  • Governmental lobbying
  • Internal communications